XPower-M4 Scenario Paintball Marker


The XPower-M4 is designed to replicate the look, feel, and action of the real M4. With features that mimic the M4, such as shell ejection after every shot, paintballs force-fed by magazine, and the option of a collapsible or solid stock to disguise the CO2 cylinder, it’s the very image of the real M4. With the carry handle removed, the XPower-M4 can take any standard scope, sight, or mount on its flattop rail.

- Cartridge case ejects after each shot
- Shoots 0.43 cal paintballs
- 100% Mimic of the M4 from appearance to operation
- Magazine fed system with 20 round capacity
- All metal construction
- Velocity setting at: 270-400fps
- Air power source hidden inside the butt stock
- Simple to operate and easy to maintain
- Semi Automatic Firing Mode
- CO2 and Nitrogen/Compressed Air adaptable
- Lower consumption of gas
- Low pressure/steady pressure operation
- Fully customizable (e.g. R.I.S. Hand guard)